Intuitive Reading in Anacortes, Washington October 12, 2013

Come to the Fall Fun Fair in Anacortes, Washington at the Anacortes Senior Center, 1701 22nd St, Anacortes, WA 98221 on October 12th, 2013, where I will be doing intuitive readings. The fair is a great place to find alternative healers and makers of a range of beautiful healing crafts for gifts. Check out this page regularly for updates and reading events. Also, check out the website of Olson Walder Events at: for their news.

See you there!

Kombucha Thoughts


Kombucha (fermented tea) inspires me. In my family, we never get tired of drinking it. It’s the “go-to” drink when we are thirsty after playing outside or when we need a little pick-me-up between meals, or during a light meal. I have found that it settles my stomach when I’ve eaten one of my wayward culinary experiments! Happily though, those wayward experiments don’t happen too often. One member of my family says that it feels like it is a good pH balancer for his body, neither acidic nor alkaline. Here is what I found on wikipedia as to the history of kombucha: 


Kombucha originated in Northeast China or Manchuria and later spread to Russia and from there to the rest of the world.[9] In Russian, the kombucha culture is called chainyj grib чайный гриб (lit. “tea fungus/mushroom”), and the fermented drink is called kombútja комбутя, grib (“fungus; mushroom”), or chainyj kvas чайный квас (“tea kvass“).

It was brought to Russia sometime before 1910 and spread from there to Germany and Europe.[10]

Some promotional kombucha sources suggest the history of this tea-based beverage originated in ancient China or Japan, though no written records support these assumptions (see history of tea in China and history of tea in Japan). One author reported kombucha, supposedly known as the “Godly Tsche [i.e., tea]” during the Chinese Qin Dynasty (221-206 BCE), was “a beverage with magical powers enabling people to live forever”.[11] “

Read more on the link above, from wikipedia. The page needs a little help, but it’s a start for the curious person. There are many sites that talk about it as well. So do your digging as you feel inspired! I’m going to add my .02¢ by talking about how I make it and what I think of it. I’ve had several variations since starting my first batch early this year. Many of them have been good ones. The fun thing about it is that you can vary the tastes, from batch to batch. And, I find it a nice “rhythm” of semi-delayed gratification since each batch takes about 14 days to mature to the preferred drinkable state we like at our house. We haven’t had any alcoholic content in ours. When I do “pull” a batch that has rested for more than 20 days, it tastes more like vinegar and is thicker, rather than the ratio of sweet:not-sweet that we prefer.


Foodie Fodder, Visual Art and Intuitive Readings


Welcome! Here you will find thoughts and insights through these and other topics of interest to me. Comments and inquiries are always welcome. Let’s connect! This site is about sharing my journey with culinary experiments, photography etc, and my work as an Intuitive Reader – I see and hear information that is supportive every day. In creating this blog-site, my intention is to inspire you to explore more of what you love to do!

In the kitchen I experiment compulsively with flavors and textures. In pastas, breads, and breakfasts I use either no gluten or low gluten flours (ancient wheat varieties). French, Irish and Hungarian cooking are some of my favorites for fruits, veggies, meats and eggs.

Photography is a perennial habit of mine. I’ll use my photographs to bridge the gap between words. I also get into a range of projects, from painting homes, to playing with clay, pastels and charcoal, etc. We’ll see what I get into!

Details about the intuitive readings I do for over-all wellness and quality of life can be found here in the days to come. You’ll be able to find out where I am reading at public events as well as schedule private readings. Watch for information about this in the next week.

Thank you for visiting!
~ Erika


Firstly, Kombucha! this will be my first post topic. I have four gallons of it brewing at any given time and now, after eight months of this, I have more kombucha culture than I need and am ready to give some of it away to friends. They’ll need a little info about starting it and keeping it going so that info will be posted here in the next week. Photographs are super helpful and I’ve got just a couple more to take before I blog about it. Check back in about a week and it’ll be here!