Earth Alive

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I want to share with you something about my life. It is fleeting. It is rich. It has held pain for love. It has let go. It has risen. My life, it’s like yours. Sharing in the sunset, the sun rise, the ever rise and fall of waves in our hearts. All over the world, we have this in each other and it connects us. We are One. Tonight a brand new moon rises. Tomorrow a brand new sun. Breathe in the new night, the new day, and know you are never alone. Ride the wave of life like never before. Connect with the patch of Earth under you. Even if it’s 42 floors below. Even if there’s a mile of ice between you and that sacred soil, put your mind on it, put your heart into it. I guarantee you will feel it, know it, connect with it, because it is alive, waiting for you. And it feels you. Take this into your sleeping and waking.

Shift Happens.

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Someone I know is demonstrating disconnect with their higher calling, their Greater Potential, through some terrible, dividing behaviors in their circle of family and friends. It would be considered a normal response that many of the people around this person would feel vindicated by damning them for it. Could be that the person actually expects to be damned on some unconscious level and likely feeds off that energy to continue to hide from their potential. Or maybe their consciousness has been hijacked and they don’t even know it. That’s the worst idea; I hope it’s not true because then there is no hope for them. I have met that Greater Potential in this person. It’s not getting any air time. And in that denial, it’s damaging so much unnecessarily, blindly, stubbornly, seemingly with no end in sight. What a wild thing to watch such senselessness in a person with great potential. It’s like witnessing through the playground fence, behaviors that would be normal for an 8-year-old who is still learning, being carried out by someone in midlife. I won’t contribute my energy to feed the mindset that holds this person at bay from their Higher Expression, from their Humanity and their better days. When I think of it (like now) my mind’s eye rests on the part of the person that wants some light. Ok, it probably wants a lot of light!

Shift happens.

There is so much more to life than incessantly running on a hamster wheel. Look at the picture in this post. That’s only one small patch of Earth that has so much greatness to it. So much beauty. People are like this. People everywhere. I think everyone has a time (long or short) in life when they get stuck and have lost sight of the thing that calls them out to live and honor their true heart. It’s worth digging out at all cost. Allow the shift. The allowing is missing.


I walked through Hell, partially aware. And I came out the other side loving my heart. I came out the other side knowing what is in my heart and knowing my strength. I found out I am stronger than I ever gave myself credit for. I can do anything I truly desire, because I let my heart open to true, full love for one in spite of the hell I saw coming at me, and then I let my heart break because of it.

My heart remains open and therefore I am free. I didn’t die, I came alive – more alive than I ever imagined I could. My life is my own to make of it what I will. Nothing else is more important because it all begins here. Right here. Authenticity. Presence, real presence.

This holiday season moves through virtually unnoticed by me. I’m too pre-occupied by the gift that, in retrospect, I was giving myself over the past three years: my own heart’s freedom to Be.

In my opinion, this is the core of all positive change, one person, one heart at a time, however life brings it on. And so I send out a perpetual prayer and blessing for every one to know their own heart intimately, truly. However you get there, it’s worth every damn step.

From where I stand, I see it is the true source of change on Earth for the best future we could hope for.


A New Chapter for Time & Healing Waves


It is a new day. Do you feel it? Life is changing fast. Time is no longer linear. It’s spreading out like a fractal. Beautiful. Like wearing roller skates that have 15 balls underneath and on the edge of each foot. Curiously weird. Disorienting and we have to learn to roll with it. It’s the only choice.

This morning I tweeted: “The time has arrived where “ritual” isn’t required for healing, though it is of help for focus & conscious connection to gratitude. Bless.” This is my experience. I’m working as an energy healer in a well-established chiropractic/acupuncture clinic in the Fairhaven district of Bellingham now. (I finally, and gratefully, found the home that feels right for my multi-dimensional work in a healthcare setting. I’ve come home within and without.) In the sessions, it has been my visceral and energetic experience that the healing is much more direct than before. I have the option to perform the preliminary steps I am used to, but have discovered they are not required to get the work done. The healing wave moves directly and quickly on countless levels simultaneously, having an effect on tissues, bones, skin, blood, skills, perceptions, symptoms, alignments, dis-ease, etc.; spanning from the initial energy layer that houses the dis-orienting shift outward. The trickle down effect (or wave) begins to take shape, just as it did when the wave of symptomatic shifts flowed through (either slowly or quickly….) The new wave is moving through. Healing takes place outside of any agenda I may personally have as the practitioner. It is none of my business. I energetically step aside and allow myself to function as a multi-dimensional tuning fork in the session at a high, white light level. Now all this can take place without my preliminary doings. Wild! I am getting used to it.

This poem: A New Day Must Rise came through last month. It literally tumbled out of me. One phrase comes from the track “Chant” on Xavier Rudd’s Live in Bonnaroo cd:  “Like mountains with holes where trees used to be.” It was playing when the poem started to pour out. Have you ever had words do that? Just tumble out? It’s a gentle feeling at times, other times it’s pounding on the door wanting to be aired/written/shared. I wonder how much of this goes “kind of” unnoticed as simply a fleeting thought. I wonder if more people tuned into these moments, how much more heart-based communication would rise up.

People need to hear you. Yes they do. They need to hear who you truly are, unarmored, unadorned, unplugged. Remember that the judgment you put on yourself and your own creative expression is far more harsh than anyone out there could direct at you. It gets twisted up if you let it. Don’t let it. Just don’t.

Instead: Let that creative day rise up in you and share where you will.

Blessings and being blessed.

(The image of the bird on my arm in this post is the Spirit Bird that symbolizes my work and guides me. She’s a Red Tail Black Cockatoo from Australia. She came through to say, among other things, that the expanding shift in the healing work is happening. Aho!)

Dad Shared the Sky. Mom Shared the Earth.

The past 7 years have taught me to expect change, and to expect it often. It wasn’t my personal agenda, but my whole life has started over at least four times in those years. Finding solace through all that change has been vital. Where to find it? Nature. Go to it at every opportunity. The ocean is the place I choose, sometimes the woods where a beautiful waterfall runs. Since my last post, I moved closer to the ocean. I feel more at peace with access to it essentially right outside my front door. What a blessing. When I’m in nature, I carry the young memories of walking outdoors with my parents.

A recent post on Facebook by Wayne Dyer, which included a beautiful poem by Mary Oliver, really struck home for me:

“Follow your children.

Together you will

learn to pay attention:

how to kneel down

in the grass;

how to be idle

and blessed;

how to stroll

through the field;

how to lead a wild

and precious life.” ~ Mary Oliver (This is written as it was on Facebook)

This poem reminds me of the times my dad would carry me outside in his arms after dinner, to walk in our big yard and look for the moon through the trees. I was about 2 years old. He would walk where I pointed and we would find the moon together. And, the memories of day walks in nature with my mom.  She and I would collect interesting rocks, and beautiful field flowers; the field grasses towering over my head. Occasionally we would stop to listen to the water flowing in the stream near our house. These were the best days of my childhood, like medicine to my young heart. I needed that peace and companionship as a very sensitive, aware-without-words (intuitive) little person.

Mom will be 90 next February. She is such an important woman in my life. She’s helped me get through some deeply tough times. The spirit of my father visits me often since 2003, guiding me, comforting me, encouraging me. 45+ years later, I walk in nature to soothe my soul through all the changes. I feel blessed and I feel grateful.

In surfing through all the changes, I realized that in this life, I’m called to witness people’s inner aliveness and connection to Self; and when needed, to support that connection in Spirit Bird healing sessions, intuitive readings, and through insight drawings. We can work together and be the change!

Rise Up and feel blessed! The path is gently lit.

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Healing henna tattoo for this client's personal needs. The tattoos hold a specific vibration, similar to a mantra with deep meaning. I record the information for future reference and contemplation.

Perseverance is Easy Because The Candle Won’t Ever Go Out. Spreading The News.

Perseverance: Can you imagine someone standing in the path between you and someone you love (and who loves you), forbidding contact? It is excruciating to think about. Unfathomable. It takes a “special” mindset or blind spot in consciousness to take such a stand that is unwarranted. Maybe a highly developed skill in self-brainwashing to justify or rationalize saying no to love and nurturing for selfish reasons. Especially when it comes to children and pets who can’t understand why someone they love doesn’t come around anymore, or can’t speak up for themselves and demand their right to see their loved one. I wonder how prevalent this is around the world. What would make someone deliberately stand in the way? All it takes is the fear-based passive aggressive act of not communicating. Amazingly, as if it were a secret magic wand, what this behavior does is make the love and determination grow deeper and stronger. If you are experiencing this in your life or know someone who is, don’t think for one moment that those who love each other who are “cut off” from communicating or seeing each other, have forgotten. Their energy is pouring out telepathically (knowingly or not), flooding the other with energy of connection, love, memories, and clear intentions to connect in person someday. The light is strong there and the connection continues to develop. Persevere. Always remember.

Today is technically a “Pooh Day” in Bellingham, Washington. 100% blustery. And though this day, for me, was filled with truly fun adventures including dozens of children and djembe playing (not at the same time this particular day), there was a good percentage of me that was still energetically tucked in my blankets fast asleep…

A lot was achieved today. New percussive rhythms, new contacts for beautiful work, communing with my beloved Ocean. And, now I get to write here, tucked in, only a window between me and the storm outside. Bliss. Cold wind howls, flinging leaves and rain chaotically in the night, while the warm candle flame next to me calmly bends to the left, then nods to the right.

Yesterday, a client who sees me for full body energy sessions was candid with me about her experiences on my healing table. She said “You cover a lot of ground for the price you charge. It’s like three sessions in one. Not like anyone else.” A big statement! She recommended that I connect with one of her physicians to foster awareness of my practice, which I will do. I thank her for that. More and more people will understand the concept that the healing work I do connects with the body’s original energetic blueprint, providing a way for the systems of the body to come back into balance and health, fostering the healing process. Tattoos are another way to learn about and open to understanding current personal concerns. Some folks live far away so I work with them through intuitively drawing images similar to tattoos. I explain what the image is saying for them in a recording and then mail the image to them so they can place it where they will see it every day. Energy medicine in picture form. I don’t know anyone else who is doing this specifically for clients. This work is very intriguing as well as healing. Most often, people are deeply touched by being seen and supported. It is common for tears to flow for the deep recognition and validation that accompanies the needed shifts for healing.

This Saturday I’m excited to be facilitating an energy healing group for the community of Vashon Island, Washington. If you’re in the area, come join in the expanding circle of healing. I will open the conversation for channelling Q&A also. We meet at Vashon Intuitive Arts from 11-2pm. For information, give them a call at: 206-463-0025, or myself at: 360-393-7229. Ages 5 and up are welcome. Adults: $20 suggested donation.

Remember your Light. It is a way of understanding what and who you are. Your life is important.


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The indigenous land rights ruling that could transform Canada

Important news.


Fish Lake on Tsilhqot’in territory in British Columbia, where the Indigenous Tsilhqot’in nation has prevented a copper and gold mine from being built. Photograph: Friends of the Nemaiah Valley Fish Lake on Tsilhqot’in territory in British Columbia, where the Indigenous Tsilhqot’in nation has prevented a copper and gold mine from being built. Photograph: Friends of the Nemaiah Valley

October 21  2014, Guardian: Martin Lukacs

Indigenous rights offer a path to a radically more just and sustainable country – which is why the Canadian government is bent on eliminating them

The unrest is palpable. In First Nations across Canada, word is spreading of a historic court ruling recognizing Indigenous land rights. And the murmurs are turning to action: an eviction notice issued to a railway company in British Columbia; a park occupied in Vancouver; lawsuits launched against the Enbridge tar sands pipeline; a government deal reconsidered by Ontario Algonquins; and sovereignty declared by the Atikamekw in Quebec.

These First Nations have been emboldened by this summer’s Supreme Court of Canada William decision, which recognized the aboriginal title of the Tsilhqot’in nation…

View original post 1,049 more words

Book Development

I’ve been watching my day-to-day life and I’ve noticed it feels energetically different from a few years ago. I know it’s not just me feeling this… How about you? Some folks I know, and those just out and about, have said the same thing. It’s not something I can definitively put my finger on. But one instance is the passage of time. Some days seem to move slower or faster, and my actions don’t seem to take any more or less time to do them, but when I look at the clock, I’m either way ahead or way behind schedule. Maybe it’s my own observation or maybe we’re in a simple time warp. Simple?

Today I attended a webinar about publishing my book through Balboa Press, a nifty self-publishing outfit. Balboa is the step before Hay House, a traditional publisher. Writing a book has been on my mind for years. As for the topic, I discovered a thread to focus on today, during the webinar. So at this point, it feels like a primary focus will be about my dog and my most recent relationship as it relates to my own “home coming”. I see it as a generational story, but not the way you may think. The underlying message is about connection, love, and endurance through incredible hardship and change beyond one’s control. Each of these things, we experience at some point in our lives. Those who know me, know I can be diverse in my approach to most anything…a topic for another blog post…  This book will be told in three ways, to three generations, because in this life experience, someone from each generation has been touched by what happened. Life doesn’t wait for a certain age to “land hard”. It happens at every age. This story can be of benefit to young children, teens and adults, and it can have a thought-provoking, positive effect on the lives of animals who most often have no say in what happens to them, or who they live with, despite their own desires. Their voice is silent unless we get out of the drama and take the time to really listen to and respect them. The first book will be for the youngest of hearts. A picture book that speaks only in visual form.

Following the end of a 16 year partnership, I lived alone with Maggie, my German Shepherd Dog, and two sibling cats, Emma and Chumley, for four years. All three of these old, beautiful souls taught me so much about my emerging skills as an energy healer, which I resisted most of my life. The resistance likely brought me to a place that was incredibly difficult so that I would finally relent and admit it. I’m a healer. Between a rock and a hard place, to put it mildly… A “phoenix rising” time of life that I hope with all my heart, I never have to repeat even part of, to get “The Message”. Whatever that message may be. But this is the stuff of life, and, it makes for a great story, one that seems unbelievable, and is still unfolding even now. The end of the book has yet to happen as I see it coming down the pike…. I’ve got time until I get there in the writing. I consider myself a walking miracle for having been through so much in a short amount of time, I’m still alive and moving forward. I want people to know it is possible to get through it; whatever “it” is. From time to time, I will post bits of what comes through the writing or some journal entries, sketches, etc. I would love to receive feedback or what these things make you think about in your own life. It’s a dialogue of sorts and I’m curious.

Do you have a story that begs to be written and shared? Do you write privately for yourself about things that cross your mind or events that have happened? What about poetry or lyrics? In my healing sessions, sometimes I ask if writing is part of how someone handles hard days in a transition. It helps with healing and releasing what can sometimes feel like a hamster wheel experience…. I’m reminded of the movie Groundhog Day. One time I tried counting how many days the guy seemed to have to go through until he did something different… 63 days? Man.

Blessing the Journey and Loving no matter what.


(This is a vector drawing I did years ago, of my dog Maggie, a key player in my life.)


New Day, New Space! & What Is It That I do? An Organic Process to be Experienced.

The healing work is on my mind today. I’m starting work in a new space at 1118 Finnegan Way, in the Fairhaven District of Bellingham, Wa. I’m so excited for this new development and all the wonderful healing that is coming. The space is grounded, bright, focused and filled with beautiful energy for healing and living lightly. My hours are evenings and weekends. Feel free to contact me about Spirit Bird sessions: holistic, multi-dimensional, healing.

In typical Erika style, I work diversely: Intuitive readings straight on, intuitive drawing/painting and readings, intuitive healing henna tattoos and readings, and energy healing sessions for people, groups and animals. It sounds complicated but it’s actually an intuitive healing skill I was born with that is applied in different situations. I’ve been a visual artist, and musically inclined, all my life. I’m kinesthetic, sensing through my body is how I receive clear information. These happen to be how I see a person’s journey. The origin of my healing henna readings is described in a post from Sept 17th which includes some info from the Spirit Bird Intuitive Arts Facebook page, in the “About” section.

I offer sessions for folks all around the world. It works just as well as if you were right in front of me. So when I am asked by someone “How does it work if you’re over there and I’m over here?” I am being given the gift of clarifying how “non-local” healing works. I will either make it clearer here, or inspire more questions….which I welcome!

As an example, for art-based healing sessions at a distance, I meet with my client over the phone or via Skype (Skype is preferred because it supports the visual nature of my work). Just like in person, I learn what it is that they would like to work on. Then I tune into them and images come to my mind’s eye. I draw these out until it feels complete and then I intuitively read these images. Readings often are about a particular aspect of life experience, the soul journey, that has come through to help with healing what is ready to shift. The session often also includes direct healing of the body-heart-emotions. Physical healing is part of what I can do. At times, our body/mind forgets or overlooks opportunities to come back to balance. Afterward, the art gets sent with a recording of the reading.

Intuitive experiences are had by everyone. A simple example would be that you can feel someone looking at you from behind or to the side and you, without thinking, turn in their direction and find that they indeed have been looking at you. We feel each other’s presence. It is part of our genetic make-up. Not scary, not magical. It’s normal and healthy to sense others around us. Intuition. So for me, my way with it allows me to help people energetically shift and realize new choices that were not that obvious in the normal day-to-day life experience.

My process is unique. I work on multiple levels or dimensions and don’t add my energy or standard techniques to do what I do. Rather, I am given permission to use the client’s energy and heart consciousness, and this blends with our combined Guidance, showing me how to facilitate the work. I have an energetic “Healing Kit Bag” from which Guidance gives me tools to use “in the moment”. I don’t “decide” that I’m going to do something specific, I am being told what to do through our time together and our joined Guidance. I’m a bit like a tuning fork. I bring the music of your body-heart-spirit back into tune. It’s a very clean, direct, deep process and only works on what is ready to shift. However, this is better experienced than verbally explained!

Energy-based healing: Everything is energy. Popular science is bringing this news to the masses more and more every day. Everything is a vibration, has a sound, is made of light, that is alive in us and around us. In part, this is what contributes to our human energy blueprint. It creates what we look like, how we develop, and what it is like to be ourselves in this life on Earth. Mother Earth is a magical place. She can benefit from energy healing too, and I do this regularly at the various sacred spots I re-boot at, and call Home. I love what I do! It’s a blessing to me. It’s fun, rewarding, and beautiful to see people get up from their sessions feeling more aware of who they truly are, and feel better. I work with animals as a healer and communicator, too. Down the road here, I will write about some of my experiences.

I’m at Wise Awakening every first and third Monday of the month, from 11:00 – 5:00, for sessions by appointment. Drop-in mini sessions for henna readings, energy balancing/healing, and intuitive readings are available also, and I announce this news via Facebook when it is available. There will be a sign out front, too, if you’re just walkin’ by. All ages are welcome. Come by to check it out with a mini session and see how it feels to you. I also hold community healing groups, working with everyone at once. The next one will be on Vashon Island on October 25th, at Vashon Intuitive Arts (206.463.0025).

Word-of-mouth the best way for people to find out about what it’s like to receive a session with me, because no one else works like I do. My process is organic. Writing about it (as I’ve attempted here) may help to a degree, but there’s nothing better than someone saying how they felt before, during and after their session. It becomes really clear it’s something to be experienced. So, I thank you for your willingness to read this blog, and if you’ve had sessions with me, I thank you for your willingness to share your experiences with others and encourage them to give it a try. Together we ALL are working on each other to walk forward in our own Light, healthier, more awake, and clearer.

Live this day like it matters! Because it does!!


Healing, Kombucha, and Preparing for 5 Upcoming Events in the NW

The healing foot: It broke 5 weeks ago and had its second check-up today. The Dr. was surprised to find out that there is no pain in my foot and walking is normal. I’ve been working on it energetically since the moment it broke (from jubilant dancing!) So his surprise pleased me. The x-ray shows the tell-tale signs of a break, but there is no swelling and the feeling of it is nearly normal. It is well on the path to full recovery. (I wrote about it in my last post.)

The season has changed and my body, mind and constitution wants kombucha. Last year at this time I was brewing 5 gallons! The 5 have sat there in the dark and cold for 11 months, patiently waiting for me. I met someone at the store today who became curious about kombucha while I was filling a “growler” full of commercial brew to buy. I mentioned that I started blogging about it a year ago and invited him to read the old posts to learn more about it. When I got home and checked on what I wrote last year, it was minimal. Just one post…. The months that followed that post were engulfed by an unexpected storm in my personal life and was the reason I didn’t write again until recently (and the reason I stopped brewing.) The kombucha I bought today is not so desirable…. So, I am preparing to fill the growler with fresh home-brew in two weeks. Enough is enough! Making the brew is far cheaper than buying it and tastes so much better! Here’s to getting back to the process and posting how-to’s here. I look forward to posting photos and comments again.

On the Healer and Henna side of my life, I’m preparing for 5 events taking place between October 4 and November 22 this year. Updates on specifics will be posted on Spirit Bird Intuitive Arts’ Facebook page and in e-newsletters to come. Here is a description (from the Facebook page), of what my work is about plus two recent testimonials:

“My work is about intuitively guided healing sessions to positively and deeply affect physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. The work is based in heart energetics and your personal energy field. I’ll keep you posted on what I’m up to in my work as a healer, artist, channel and writer, and where you can meet me at upcoming events.In healing sessions I blend a range Ancient Healing Arts, as well as modern techniques including massage therapy, BodyTalk, Spiritual Response Therapy, Reconnective Healing and the Reconnection.

Healing Henna and Art Compositions are a medium that has come through me and has proven to be powerful, subtle, inspiring, as well as healing. These are available to anyone, anywhere. Images are emailed or posted to you directly with the accompanying reading from the session.

“Erika’s method of energy healing surpasses my expectations in many ways. The best way to know how effective it has been is to compare how I feel before and after the sessions. What is most remarkable is the energetic aspect of this work carries the healing much further than the time on the table. It is simply transformative. Many positive changes started occurring after I started seeing her for gaining more clarity about major life changes through the healing. Although at first it was turbulent, because the issues that were most resistant to change started to change fast; it was a nice surprise after a few energy sessions and a henna reading that the areas in my life that were doing well already started improving rapidly as well. I highly recommend Erika as a well-rounded healing facilitator and Master Energy Worker.”
A.B. Bellingham, WA

“Erika, you did an intuitive henna tattoo and reading of me in Bellingham this summer. I loved the look of the henna and loved my reading (which is so close to my very first one I ever had) that I just had it tattooed permanently on yesterday! I love it and wanted you to know. I look forward to showing it to you at your next fair.” Maggie, Bellingham, WA

Contact me for individual or group sessions, available in person, via phone or Skype. My home office is in the Bellingham, Washington area. I am available to travel to you / your group. Call 360-393-7229 or email for information and to book sessions. Subscribe to my blog at, Follow me on Twitter @ErikaRado.”

Enjoy the day and make it what your highest intentions allow!