Erika is a Holistic, Psychic Intuitive and Fine Artist. Her classically trained, fine art background has become a portal through which she can supportively read people and animals, facilitate heart discernment, and foster healing for body, mind and soul. While in session, she completes the pastel painting intuitively without prior preparation, and shares the unique messages within the colors, shapes and relationships, to light soul awareness and bring clearer understanding to life’s questions and challenges. There is nothing else quite like what Erika does to foster healing for people, pets, and Earth. The energy she works with belongs to Spirit and you, or workshop participant, making it a very clear, direct experience.

Erika has had an active, natural inclination for intuitive insight and healing touch from a very young age. In her early 20’s, she was drawn to study alternative medicine to help heal her own body, heart, and mind. She received certification in massage therapy, and has been a licensed medical massage therapist since 1991; she is certified in BodyTalk, Reconnective Healing, and The Reconnection. Erika has studied Breath Awareness and Spiritual Response Therapy and hydrotherapy for dogs.

Erika is a multi-species animal communicator; a liaison for the relationship between people and their pets to improve understanding and facilitate a more balanced, compassionate connection. She is currently accepting equine clients into her intuitive healing practice. She feels and recognizes the life-force in all beings and elements, and this allows her to positively affect most circumstances to a lesser or greater degree depending upon the will of the recipient. As they say, “You have to play to win.” Meaning, your true consent and participation is required to be assisted, which implies that you are the true healer who is enlisting the support of a facilitator.

It is Erika’s joy, her calling, and life purpose to be in service to wellness in a multi-dimensional capacity for all willing beings.

All ages and species are welcome for fine art reading sessions, verbal readings and intuitive wellness sessions. Uniquely designed and facilitated workshops are available for corporate clients, schools, and anywhere people are in search of support to develop holistic wellbeing.

To book appointments or workshops in person, or via Zoom or other visual means online, Call (360) 393-7229. Facebook: Spirit Bird Intuitive Arts, Follow on Instagram: @Erika_Rado.

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